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6W3L-A Expansion Broken Connecting Rod Assembly

Classification: Expanding Connecting Rod

Nangong Jingqiang Connecting Rod Co., Ltd., located in Daqing Street, Economic Development Zone, Nangong City, Hebei Province, is a national specialized and new "little giant" enterprise, a high-tech enterprise, a high-tech enterprise in Hebei Province, and a professional manufacturer of automobile connecting rods in Hebei Province.

The role of the piston is to form a combustion chamber together with the cylinder head and cylinder wall, bear the gas pressure in the cylinder, and transmit the force to the connecting rod through the piston pin to drive the crankshaft to rotate.
The piston can be divided into head, ring groove and skirt.
Piston head: the piston is an integral part of the combustion chamber, and its shape depends on the form of the combustion chamber. Common piston head shapes are flat top, concave top and convex top.
Piston ring groove: the piston ring is installed in the piston ring groove. The gasoline engine generally consists of 2~3 ring grooves, and the upper 1~2 rings are used to install the gas ring to seal the cylinder; The bottom one is used to install the oil ring. Many radial oil return holes are drilled on the bottom surface of the oil ring groove. When the piston moves downward, the oil ring scrapes off the excess oil on the cylinder wall and flows back to the oil pan through the oil return holes. If the temperature is too high, the first ring is easy to produce carbon deposition, which causes overheating and seizure.
Piston skirt: the piston skirt plays a guiding role.
Piston ring
The piston ring is installed in the piston ring groove to seal the gap between the piston and the cylinder wall, prevent gas channeling, and facilitate the reciprocating movement of the piston. Piston rings are divided into gas rings and oil rings.
Piston pin
The function of the piston pin is to connect the piston and the small end of the connecting rod, and transmit the gas force received by the piston to the connecting rod.
The piston pin is usually a hollow cylinder, and sometimes it is also made into a sectional tubular structure according to the requirements of equal strength.
The piston pin is generally made of low carbon steel or low carbon alloy.

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